WMCC- The Western Marine Community Coalition


The WMCC continues to consult with Coast Guard and other regulatory agencies. While Coast Guard, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and other government bodies do not refuse to consult with the public, the Western Marine Community is recognised as the respected voice of the marine community in British Columbia. As a result, the WMC has access to the highest level of government, both in the civil service and politicians. Representatives of the WMC have met at regular interval with Ministers of Departments in both the federal and provincial governments, with senior Treasury Board officials as well as local representatives of regulatory agencies.

The WMCC is involved in a number of other activities. Amongst others, along with the Chamber of Shipping, it is heavily involved in the development of the Automated Identification System (AIS), the Pacific Marine Review Panel (PACMAR), the Oil Response Organisations User Group and the development of the Community Information Gateway, a proposed computerised database of information of vital interest to everyone involved in the industry

The members of the WMCC represent a wide range of interests in the marine community and Western Canadian shippers and importers.

The Nautical Institute B.C. Branch is represented at WMCC meetings by Captain Brian Johnstonwho provides us with feedback, in the form of a written report, following each such meeting.

These reports are available to our members by clicking on the links shown below.



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