NPESC - Nautical Professional Education Society of Canada

The NPESC is a "Registered Society" in Canada with the goal of furthering the professional education of Canadian mariners. The Society works closely with the Marine Campus of the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Camosun College, the Western Marine Institute and other Canadian educational institutions.

The Society is a member of the Coalition of Maritime Organisations on Education, chaired through the offices of the Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia.

Due to the foresight of a few dedicated individuals funds were raised to enable the holders of Canadian Watchkeeping Mate and Fourth Class Engineering certificates to accrue sea service so that they might advance to higher levels of certification.

When demand for certificated officers for the international deep sea fleet created opportunities for Canadian junior officers the focus of the NPESC changed to providing scholarships and text books to deck and engineering officers in training. 

The funds for these scholarships are derived from investments in the BCIT Foundation and the Vancouver Foundation. For the past several years the scholarships have averaged $1,000 but the members of the NPESC would like to see this amount increase to reflect the rising costs associated with taking several months or years of training to advance to higher levels of certification. This can only happen if the sums on deposit with the two foundations are increased over time.

Click above to read the latest issue of SEATIMES

Click above to read the latest issue of SEATIMES

If you are interested in ensuring a continuing supply of well trained Canadian officers for our merchant fleet, please send your cheques or money orders to:

The Secretary/Treasurer


3648 Glenview Crescent

North Vancouver, BC

V7R 3E8