A Night at The Races...

Hello everyone.  I am writing to invite you to join me for "A Night at the Races".  This will be at the Fraser Downs Racetrack on October 14th.

Full particulars about the evening and how to register can be found at: -


Want to know more about the Vancouver Transportation Foundation VTF?  

Take a look at: http://www.vancouvertransportationfoundation.org/index.html

You will see the Foundation provides Scholarships for students of transportation.

My connection with the VTF is via the Scholarships they have allowed the NIBC to award.  I know that since 2014 the VTF has provided over $11,000 for the NIBC to present to Cadets at the Marine Campus of BCIT.

So why not register to help support the VTF?  I hope to see you there.

Regards, David Whitaker FNI