Fire-damaged HMCS Protecteur being towed to Hawaii

Esquimalt-based navy ship HMCS Protecteur is being towed to port after being stranded for nearly two days in open waters northeast of Hawaii following a fire that ripped through its engine room and injured about 20 sailors.

The American navy's USS Chosin successfully took the beleaguered supply ship under tow in rough weather conditions at about 6 p.m. on Saturday. High winds and seas marred previous attempts. “Any operation at sea is weather dependent,” said Commodore Bob Auchterlonie at Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt.

The vessels are being accompanied by USS Michael Murphy and will meet USNS Sioux, an ocean fleet tug, for further assistance. They are travelling at about nine kilometres per hour and are expected to reach Pearl Harbor mid-week.

The fire occurred on the ship when it was about 630 kilometres northeast of Hawaii. While the 279 crew of Protecteur remained on the ship, which has limited electrical power, the 17 family members and two civilian contractors who were on board have been transferred to Michael Murphy.

Auchterlonie said the family members will also be taken to Pearl Harbor, where a Victoria delegation will help them arrange travel home. The engine-room fire, which damaged machinery that controls the vessel’s propulsion, was reported Thursday night. About 20 sailors who fought the fire were treated for minor injuries, including smoke inhalation and dehydration. USS Michael Murphy and USS Chosin, a navy cruiser, took supplies to Protecteur by helicopter.

The sailors aboard Protecteur are “making the best of this and the living conditions are improving,” Auchterlonie said. The ship has fresh water, and galley services and secure communications — including phones and email — have been restored. Source : timescolonist