Cross Channel Row

Dear colleagues,

As you may have read in Seaways, I am leading a Thames Waterman Cutter crew in rowing the Channel to raise money for the Ahoy Centre in London. You can read all about it on my Just Giving page, In essence, though, we've joined together to raise money for The Ahoy charity -, which primarily strives to engage disabled and disadvantaged children and adults to achieve their potential through the medium of rowing, sailing and powerboating.

The cross Channel row will take place on the weekend of 29th/30th September 2012 and is providing me with a further incentive to get fully fit after my back operation earlier this year. Training with the crew – 3 ladies and 3 other men – is going well and has included the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the Thames plus a race between Ahoy crews which we won. The trip is likely to take us 5 hours or so of hard graft but will be a great experience and will give me some valuable sea time for once although no access to the latest navigational gadgetry!

All and any personal donations to support this worthy cause will be greatly appreciated. Similarly, if you could persuade your company to donate as well that would be really great.



Best regards


Philip Wake

Chief Executive


The Nautical Institute

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