BMC Co-op Students receive Awards

The BMC was delighted to have representatives of the Nautical Professional Education Society of Canada (NPESC) to award scholarships to two Cooperative Education students on Thursday, March 15th.  The NPESC is a "Registered Society" in Canada with the goal of furthering the professional education of Canadian mariners. The Society works closely with the Marine Campus of the British Columbia Institute of Technology and other Canadian educational institutions.  Captain John Lewis and Captain David Whitaker from the NPESC presented Deck Officer Jessica Calado and Engine Cadet David Mehain each with a $1500.00 award.  Both Captain Lewis and Whitaker provided words of encouragement to the classes where the presentations were made and highlighted the fact that Jessica, David and their peers are the future of the marine industry in Canada.  Jessica joined the Nautical Sciences program in September of 2008 and has served as a Deck Cadet and Officer aboard several ships around the world with Princess Cruises ( for her Co-op work terms.  David Mehain commenced the Marine Engineering program in September of 2010 and completed his first Co-op work term with Canada Steamship Lines ( on the Great Lakes. 
(Left to Right) Captain John Lewis, Engine Cadet David Mehain, Captain David Whitaker.  Photo taken in the BMC Kongsberg full-mission Neptune engine room simulator.
(Left to Right) Captain David Whitaker, Deck Officer Jessica Calado, Captain John Lewis