Disney Fantasy suffers $1+ million damages in dry dock

Just weeks before she was scheduled to leave dry dock, vandals apparently damaged the Disney Fantasy to the tune of over $1 million dollars. That's the figure being given by German media sources, although Disney denies that the amount was that much.

Apparently, the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany restricted access to the ship after the incident which occurred on December 9th according to sources. German media reported that water valves were "intentionally" left open, and that the subsequent damanges totalled over $1.3 million. Rebecca Peddle, a Disney spokesperson said there had been damanges, but that the $1.3 million figure was "an exaggeration".

By the time the incident became news, Disney officials said much of the damages had already been fixed and that the delivery date would not be affected. The "Disney Fantasy" is the sister ship of the "Disney Dream" and the two are the largest ships ever built in Germany. The "Fantasy" is set to begin sailing out of Port Canaveral in late March.

According to other industry reports, this is not the first time there have been vandalism problems at Meyer Werft. Sources cited a series of ship fires on the "Norwegian Epic" when it was being constructed there.Source : Examiner