Chamber of Shipping - Emissions Control Area Presentation

Date: February 7, 2012

Time: 9.00am - noon

Venue: Pan Pacific Hotel, 999 Canada Place - Oceanview Suite 1

Most of you are by now well aware that the North American Emissions Control Area (ECA) takes effect as of August 1 2012 with a maximum allowable sulphur content in ships’ fuel of 1%. This will be further restricted to 0.1% sulphur content effective January 1 2015. Until now, only in the Baltic and North Seas in Europe has similar legislation been enforced.

Like it or not, this change will impact the competitiveness of every sector of regional marine activity as ship owners consider ways to mitigate the financial impact of the mandatory use of low sulphur fuel within 200 nautical miles of the North American coastline.

We have therefore arranged a comprehensive presentation on this very important subject by Mr. Paul Topping, Manager Environmental Protection, Transport Canada, Ottawa.

Mr. Topping has for some time been in the fore-front of discussions on this issue representing Canada at the IMO and with his counterparts at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. There will also be discussion on enforcement of the new fuel standards by Transport Canada and the implications of non-compliance.

We would encourage our members and colleagues across the industry to be represented as this will be the final opportunity for formal presentation & detailed discussion on this hugely important issue prior to implementation in August.

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