British Columbia leads the way in software support for job and familiarization training.

Several years ago, British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. (BC Ferries) embarked on a quest to improve safety and efficiency through improved familiarization training within their organization. Their efforts have resulted in a highly successful new program for standardized, objective and reliable job and familiarization training and assessment which is now being used at BC Ferries and is being expanded company wide. It has also resulted in a new BC-based company built on the innovative practices at BC Ferries and on B.C.’s historical leadership in the field of eLearning. The new company, Marine Learning Systems, has created the world’s first learning management system built specifically for job and familiarization training in the maritime industry.

This article provides an overview of the new training program at BC Ferries, and discusses the new learning management system used to support the program, MarineLMS.

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