About The Nautical Institute and our Branch

The Nautical Institute is a professional body of highly qualified mariners, whose membership is drawn from commercial, naval, government shipping and other nautical activities.

Its headquarters are in London with Branches on all continents. It is devoted to promoting high standards of nautical competence and knowledge.

The British Columbia Branch has membership of approximately 200 professional mariners based in Western Canada and in the USA.

Seminars and meetings are held in Vancouver and Victoria, B.C. Any Nautical Institute Member visiting B.C. or the USA, Pacific Northwest is encouraged to contact the Branch.

All qualified sea-going officers are eligible to join as are pilots, harbourmasters, VTS personnel, Designated Persons and other shore based managers, professional yachtmasters, marine surveyors, maritime lawyers, and maritime health and welfare professionals.

A new grade of Associate Fellow (AFNI) has been introduced to recognise professional development to command of sea-going ships; other senior positions at sea, such as Chief Officer and Chief Engineer; and those who have attained senior management positions ashore.

Those undertaking initial education and training for a maritime career are encouraged to join as Associate Members (AMNI) as are ratings, boatmasters and other non-management level personnel.

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